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When we were initially considering implementing SPA strategic pricing, a major concern of ours was its impact on sales. Many of us were convinced our customers would react negatively and go elsewhere. Most of us were more hopeful, but still uncertain as to what the cumulative impact would be. The bottom line was that customer push back was almost non-existent and lost sales were insignificant.
Dale Stempson
Corporate Pricing Manager
Valin Corporation
I can say that our customer calls and complaints have been very, very few; less than a 20 calls across our thousands of customers and their transactions. I can also say that the potential gain is far greater than any friction that may be created by the system.
Tom Falter
Pricing Director
The Echo Group
So far our experience has been that most customers do not realize that you have changed your pricing strategies. The exceptions to this have been very few.
Tom Comstock

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