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New Negotiation Training

SPASigma Negotiation Training program is a new offering from SPA because effective negotiation is just like a sport. It requires a set of skills, techniques, training, coaching, equipment and continuous practice. SPASigma provides you with the training, retention platform, tools and analytics to accelerate, certify and sustain your mastery of this critical skill set.

Watch this hard hitting 2 minute video where David Bauders, SPA's founder and CEO, explains the importance of negotiation, todays challenges, and the opportunity for improvement.

SPASIGMA Overview with David Bauders from SPASIGMA on Vimeo.

SPASIGMA is a new program to build, expand, and retain world-class negotiation skills throughout your organization. Using a unique combination of in-person seminars and an online academy with reinforcement activities, videos, and quizzes, SPASigma will set your team on the path to mastery of the art and science of negotiation.

Watch the SPASIGMA trailer to get a quick, hard-hitting introduction to todays challenges, and the opportunity for Outside and Inside Sales organizations.

Enjoy some of our negotiation comedic videos as well...