SPA Pricing Education, Analytics & Decision Making Tools July Webinar Series


David Speaking at TUGS 2015

Please join us for an upcoming seminar or webcast, all offered to distributors and manufacturers at no cost.

Learn how to quickly leverage pricing opportunities and improve your company’s bottom line performance. Sessions feature best practices in Strategic Pricing and related topics, and are delivered by SPA President, David Bauders and other industry leaders and experts. Sessions allow ample time for questions and answers and offer an opportunity to build your professional network.

Seminar Presentation and Panel Discussion Topics include:

  • Pricing Excellence
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Negotiation Excellence
  • Selling on Value, Not Price
  • Executive Issues in Pricing Strategy
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Pricing in Today’s Economy
  • Corporate Culture and Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Force Training and Incentives

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Webcast Topics include:

  • Top Strategic Pricing Opportunities in Fluid Power
  • SPA Pricing Cube: Improving Margins Through a More Strategic Approach to Pricing
  • SPA Pricing Cube: Increasing Margins by Upgrading to Gold
  • Platinum Pricing Engine: Learn How to Leverage the Platinum Analytical Pricing Engine to Drive Profitable Growth
  • Reporting Tool: Measure Achieved and Potential Margin Impact of Strategic Pricing
  • Contract Management Tool: Workflow Tool for Automated Management of Contracts & Special Pricing Agreements
  • Six Sigma Strategic Pricing Course: How to Leverage 6 Sigma Methodology to Drive Profitable Growth
  • Strategic Costing
  • SPASigma: Negotiation Training Seminars and Learning Management System
  • Implementing Strategic Pricing for Non Stock and Rockwell Business
  • SPA Vendor Management Tool: Identify Cost Savings Opportunities
  • e-Commerce: Learn How to Strategically Price Your e-commerce Business to Capture Market Share or Capture More Margin
  • Price Banding: Automated Tools to Assist Sales Team Drive Margin and Commission Growth

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