Strategic Pricing Associates

Our Approach

Only Strategic Pricing Associates teaches you how to leverage your data and manage your pricing to dramatically increase the value of your company.

The majority of companies fail to take the initiative to plan the management of their pricing. Most make their pricing decisions based on their competition and their customers’ reactions. Often, they lose their ability to control pricing and they undermine their business through chaotic discounting, rebating and by offering “bargains” that actually educate their customers to want more for lower prices.

Strategic Pricing Associates helps you build pricing integrity by teaching you to be proactive and manage the pricing in your markets.

Our process is data-driven. We will work with you to segment your customer base, analyze your invoice data, and identify opportunities to build a pricing architecture, in your existing enterprise system, that reduces wasteful discounting and captures price premiums from less sensitive customers and products, services or rentals. We measure the pricing performance of customers, products, sales reps, branches, and other management dimensions. Your invoice data contain a wealth of insights into how to increase your return on investment. We have the analytical and process expertise to help you increase your profit quickly.

Our process is efficient. Working with your management team, over three months and two web-based training sessions we can help you capture increased profits of two or more margin points. Your team will gain confidence and knowledge to maximize the profitability of your business.

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